Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Mr. Congressman

Dear Representative Yoder:

I have followed your career as an elected representative of the people in Kansas, and have actually discussed fiscal issues with you personally when you first entered the Kansas House. I know that you believe firmly in fiscal responsibility in government, while also preserving programs that are vital to Americans, especially programs that help and support the poor, disabled, elderly, and those suffering hardship. As a concerned American, and Kansan, I have been watching intently the current "debate" over the budget and and the debt ceiling.. I am writing today to let you know that I firmly support taking bold and expansive measures to reduce deficits, and pay back our national debt, but I URGE you to do so in a responsible and balanced manner that values compromise and bi-partisanship.

I support large-scale spending cuts in order to curtail out-of-control spending, but I also believe that cuts must be combined with raising revenues by asking Corporations and the Wealthy to pay a slightly higher share of the tax burden. I believe the President is on the right track with his plan to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion dollars with a combination of reduced spending and rolling back tax cuts and tax exemptions for corporations and the wealthiest 2% of Americans, while also protecting and preserving important programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. I do not know if the President’s plan is “the best” plan or not, but I support any plan that does the following: reduces spending; creates greater efficiency in government programs; combines programs to create efficiencies in government; takes a “new” or “outside-the-box” approach to solving fiscal problems and creating efficiencies in government; raises revenue on those that can afford to pay; eliminates tax exemptions and loopholes for the corporations; and protects vital programs that support vulnerable populations, education, jobs, and protecting America’s infrastructure and development.

I am personally appalled at those in the Republican party insisting that the only way to reduce the deficit is with a “cuts only” approach. Americans realize that our country’s debt situation is serious, and we are all willing to do our part, and make sacrifices to to keep our nation solvent and on a future track of prosperity, but we feel that everyone, including those with the greatest means to pay, must be willing to do their part. Resorting to spending-cuts only is not a responsible means of solving the problem, does not fairly ask everyone to give, and puts important government programs in jeopardy.

I remember during the 2003 Kansas legislative session, when our state was facing severe budget shortfalls, you were one of a few brave Republican legislators that supported tax increases in order to protect vital government programs. It was because of you and those Republicans willing to do the right thing and raise revenues that Kansas was able to balance our budget and avoid deep cuts to important government programs. Because of your actions in the past, I know that you understand the importance of taking a balanced and multi-pronged approach to fiscal responsibility that protects vital government programs and services. For these reasons, I urge you to take a path of compromise and reject any “cuts only” budget proposals, and support a plan that asks all Americans, including the wealthy, to contribute; that raises revenues and cuts spending; and protects and preserves vital programs.

Jason Gallagher

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