Friday, February 13, 2009

My Dream Purchases

I consider myself a frugal man and besides my computer I don't have a desire to own many material things.  I don't dream of owning a nice car, mansion, or an island.  However, I think if I could own the following three things, I'd be happier and enjoy life that much more:

1.  A Library - I was watching the movie Inkheart (great movie) today and in the beginning of the movie one of the characters has a house with a large room that is just shelves of beautiful books.  I'd like to have a room with shelves and shelves of books.  I love the feel, look, and general atmosphere of being around books; like being in a bookstore.  It's even cooler when the bookstore is a used bookstore or antique books.  This library should have a personal reading space that has a comfy chair of some sort with the appropriate lift technology to get me in and out of the chair.

2.  My own personal movie theater - I love movies and I love them BIG.  Nothing beats the experience of watching a movie on a 30 foot screen!  Wouldn't it be sweet to have your own big-screen?  My big-screen would be hooked up to my computer whereby I could be productive, communicate online, learn, play video games, and watch movies all from the mid-level viewing of my own theater.

3. Pinball Machine - I have always LOVED pinball.  The more bells and whistles the better!  Pinball seems to be a lost art these days as you see fewer and fewer pinball machines in arcades.  Luckily, some are still being made - today I just played an awesome Indiana Jones pinball.  Though I have a special place in my heart for the Simpson's machines I've played (at least 2 different versions).  I've found the Simpsons machines to be extremely balanced, challenging, and most of all - FUN!

That's all. Is that asking for too much???