Friday, June 23, 2006

Vision For America

This speech by Barack Obama engages the reasons why I participate so passionately in politics. I only hope that I can become half as principled, eloquent, and bold as Obama. You can accept or reject his "progressive" stance on the issues, but surely you can respect his honest passion to bring positive change to America. Here is an excerpt:

" She believed that we don't have to settle for equality for some or opportunity for the lucky or freedom for the few. And she knew that during those moments in history where it looked like we might give up hope or settle for less, there have always been Americans who refused. Who said we're going to keep on dreaming, and we're going to keep on building, and we're going to keep on marching, and we're going to keep on working because that's who we are. Because we've always fought to bring all of our people under the blanket of the American Dream. "


DeAnn said...

Obama is very awesome. So are you.

Which reminds me: Why don't you post more?

John the Movie Man! said...

Great post! Obama is definately somebody to watch in the political sphere.

Yeah...why don't you post more!

How have you been? Dr. M.

Jason G said...

Thanks for the comments! I promise I will post more from now on! I had an insanely crazy class this summer, but it is over now.