Sunday, March 12, 2006

An Example of Why I Love the Internet

There are many reasons I love the Internet - and this is not the post to explain them all. However, I do think that we tend to get so familiar with the conveniences, entertainments, and positives that we become droids in our own cycle of complacency.

Today I broke that cycle and remembered why I love the Internet. I stumbled across this web site:

Yes, every now and again I come across a web site that truly entertains, inspires, or is just plain unique. I would not classify this guy as original or even genius, but I would definitely say that he is witty, clever, and motivated. He had way too much fun coming up with stupid dog's name. I am not so sure, however, that begging for free stuff is the best way to get free stuff. I also do not think signing your letter "X enthusiast" is helping his cause either. On the other hand, this guy should be working for an ad agency because he came up with some truly clever (and funny) product testimonials.

1 comment:

DeAnn said...

That is brilliant! If it had been more of a success, I might even have tried it!!