Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Favorite Show

The best show on television right now is hands down - Scrubs! I received (well, actually bought with Christmas money) Scrubs season 2 for Christmas. Just as with Season 1, I am constantly amazed at the depth, hilarity, and cleverness of this refreshing show. I also watched new season 5 episodes and they are just as witty as ever.

I am actually a late bloomer to Scrubs, as I only got into when Michael J. Fox made his guest appearance for a few episodes. I am ashamed that it took MJF to get me hooked, because this show was apparently always good. Actually I was afraid to watch it at first because the commercials made it look like a lame slapstick napfest. However, the commercials do not, and can not, give this show justice, because the each episode is so tightly woven together that taking out 30 seconds can not say much about the show.

What makes this show so good? The writing is the most clever, cunning, and FUNNY on TV today (or ever for that matter). The characters are believable, lovable, and real. The storyies are intricate with real-life themes and issues. The themes and issues are so subtly inserted into the show that sometimes you do not even know you are getting a lesson; you just think you are getting a good laugh. Some of my favorite shows also take a nice balanced step into seriousness too. Be warned, Scrubs can make you cry and laugh and think -- all at the same time. If you haven't given Scrubs a chance, you need to give it a try. If you can get a hold of season 2 "My philosophy" it is hands down the best episode I have seen so far. "My Old Lady" from season 1 is a very close second.

The music is an integral part to each episode. The writers and directors do such an amazing job of picking songs the capture the mood and setting of the characters and story of each episode. Whether they want you to laugh, cry, think, or a little of each, the music just picks up the story movement and takes it for a smooth coast along a wave, and always lands perfectly on the beach. Here is a great review of the music of Scrubs. I agree with everything in this article!

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Jeff Petrie said...

Wow, you are right. This is an excellent show! I am glad I finally gave it a chance. I'm halfway through season one right now. I love the wacky humor. The parts where they act out what he's thinking in his head are awesome.

I think it gets a bit more serious than Arrested Development does, but Arrested Development has its moments. It's just more of a straight comedy.